5 Best Universities of London

What is the significance and role of education? This question often strikes the minds of various students, especially those who are looking for the best university of London. Every year, this city’s colleges and universities welcome hundreds to thousands of students to their campuses. Some migrate here from other cities of the United Kingdom for study purposes, while the others come to London from countries like America, Canada, India, China, Pakistan, and others. They all know that without education, their survival in today’s competitive world is not possible. It is a dream of every student to get a college or university degree from London, the city where over 30 public and private sector universities are currently operating. It is also believed that London is the hub of nearly 400 schools and colleges, and over 100,000 students come to this city from other cities and countries for higher studies. If you want to become a part of the extensively large community of students and find what London has to offer to you in terms of high-quality education, you should consider any of the following institutions.

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Queen Mary University of London

In the list of 5 best universities of London, Queen Mary University (QMU) takes the first position. It is one of the best and most famous universities not only in London but also worldwide. This public sector institution is situated in the heart of the city, so it is very easy for students to come here from any part of London. Queen Mary was founded in 1785 as Queen Mary College. Its name was inspired by Mary of Teck who laid the foundation of the University of London in the 19th century. That university got merged with the Westfield College and formed Queen Marry University. Today, this institution accommodates thousands of students from across the globe. Those who want to take admission in medical courses or are looking to become engineers of tomorrow switch to the Queen Mary University of London due to its alumni and outstanding faculty. For the medical students, different teaching hospitals and medical laboratories have been established within and outside the main campus, which is situated in the Mile End and is capable of accommodating over 15,600 students and nearly 4,200 staff members at a time.

Different conference halls, computer labs, museums, and theaters have also been built to facilitate the science and art students. The university is divided into three main departments: Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering and Science, and the School of Medicines and Dentistry. Qualified and experienced individuals are hired here to ensure that students get easy access to quality education and research facilities. Queen Mary is ranked 43rd in the 2018 rankings of European institutes, meaning it is one of the top 50 universities in Europe and can be your next destination for studies.

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University College London (UCL)

UCL or University College London is another public sector institution, situated in London, the United Kingdom. No doubt, it is the best London uni that was founded in 1826. For centuries, the University College London is providing quality education and research facilities to its local and international students. It is one of the largest and most spacious institutions in the United Kingdom and has one of the largest graduate and postgraduate enrolments. Every year, this university receives thousands of applications from across the globe, but the admission criterion is very strict. If the overall academic performance is not satisfactory, you may not get admission here and would have to look for other colleges or universities. A large number of facilities are provided to students and they are prepared for well-paying jobs right after the completion of their degree programs.

It is one of those very few institutions of London where students can seek admission irrespective of their cast, gender, religion and financial background. In fact, students with brilliant performance are provided with different scholarships and their education is partially or fully funded by the university itself. One of the major features of this university is that it has been the first public sector institute for women in the United Kingdom, meaning prior to its inauguration, women were not provided with high-quality educational facilities, and most of the colleges and universities in London were devoted to men. UCL’s campus is situated in Qatar too where students from across UAE get admission based on their academic background. They are provided with on-the-job training and internships also to help them become responsible citizens of tomorrow and to pave their way toward success.

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King’s College London

Among the best universities London, King’s College London has secured the third position. It is another public sector institution based in London, England. It is commonly known as KCL and was founded in the 18th century by the Duke of Wellington and King George IV. At that time, it used to offer basic degree programs only, and there were no separate campuses for men and women. However, with time, the college expanded itself, built more campuses, and new departments came into being. Several years after its inauguration, King’s College London became one of the founding colleges of a giant and famous university titled University of London. It merged with different private sector colleges such as Queen Elizabeth College, Chelsea College, and others, and began offering more and more degree programs in the fields of science, technology, art, business, and others.

Today, it has five main campuses or departments: the standard campus which is situated in the heart of London, one is based in Denmark, and three are Thames-side departments or campuses. Together they form an extensively large and very famous King’s College London. Every year, this university enrolls over 45,000 students in its different education and research-based degree programs. The university has divided itself into different centers, museums, departments, and campuses to accommodate more and more local and international students. It is a must part of the research-intensive institutions along with Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College and other institutions. It is ranked 35th by the QS World University Rankings, which proves that King’s College London is one of the best institutions. Nationally and internationally, all of its degree programs are accepted and given preference than the degree programs of other college or university.

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Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the best and top-ranked institutions for science and technology. It has been around since 1907 and accommodates a large number of students every year. This public sector university was founded by Prince Albert and is situated in the center of London. It is best known for its vibrant culture and is given high preference by students due to the presence of the Natural History Museum, and Royal Albert Hall within its main campus. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city and provides degree programs in science, technology, engineering, business, medicines, and history. Globally, this university is ranked 18th and third in London by the QS World University Rankings, and the Academic Rankings of World Universities.

If you are an international student who cannot speak, write or understand English correctly, it is important for you to first complete English language courses. The chance is that you won’t get admission at this university due to the reason that it finalizes students with excellent academic backgrounds. Those who are brilliant receive numerous facilities and on-the-job training. They are prepared for a bright and prosperous future and are provided with jobs based on their academic performance. If you consider yourself a brilliant student, you will never have short of opportunities and can gain more and more knowledge using its advanced equipment and of course, the main library. It was started as a small-sized college, but with time, it was transformed into a full-fledged university. Today, Imperial College London has employed the world’s best and most qualified individuals who teach different subjects and contribute to the success of the institution in one way or the other.

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London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Political Science is best known for its degree programs in political sciences, economics, business administration and other similar fields. It is wonderful and one of the best public sector universities in England. It was established by four Fabian Society members including Graham Wallas and Sidney Webb. This university receives a large number of applications every year, but you may never get admission here if you do not prove yourself to be a worthwhile student. Besides having the satisfactory academic background, you would be required to appear in a range of entry tests, and submit admission applications so that the admission board can decide whether you are eligible or not. In the 19th century, the London School of Economics and Political Science merged with the University of London and became the postgraduate degree awarding institution.

So far, the college has received numerous awards by the government due to its incredible contribution to the fields of education, research, science, technology, and engineering. The main campus is situated in the center of London, a few minutes away from Holborn and the world famous Covent Garden. Currently, the university has over 2,5000 students and nearly 3,100 staff members, all of which collaborate with each other within and outside the campus and play a significant role in the progress of the city. Different research projects are initiated and completed on a monthly basis, and the local and federal governments grant funds. For the subjects of political science and social studies, this university is placed third in the QS Rankings and fifth in the Academic Rankings of World Universities.

All of these institutions are famous for their top faculty members and provide students with the high-quality and affordable education. Some of them have a range of scholarship programs for the brilliant and deserving students.