Can you be Addicted to Marijuana?

Can you be Addicted to Marijuana?

Excessive use of marijuana causes the development of marijuana use disorder. In severe cases, a person with this disorder develops a form of addiction. According to, people who buy marijuana in Edmonton or another city before age 18 are more likely to develop an addiction problem than those who start when they are adults. A person with this disorder shows withdrawal symptoms whenever they fail to buy weed. Most of them reported irritation, insomnia, loss of appetite, cravings and some form of physical discomfort. This state is called dependence. It occurs when the user’s brain adapts to large quantities of the marijuana thus the person cannot do without.

However, this disorder develops to addiction when an individual is unable to stop using the drug even when it clearly interferes with different aspects of their lives such as work, and relationships. Addiction is common among people who use weed with higher concentrations of THC and lower levels of CBD. The reverse is also true. Some surveys also indicate that addiction to marijuana can be a gateway to developing a dependence on other drugs. Therefore, it is important to have control over how you use the drug whether for medical or recreational purposes. An excellent way to begin is by seeking professional advice before you order marijuana online in Canada. The fact that it has been legalized and is free for use does not mean that it should be used irresponsibly. A person should always watch their levels of consumption to avoid developing an addiction.

Generally, addiction to marijuana occurs when a person uses it in large amounts. If one is using it for medical purpose, they should be sure to follow the instructions and take the correct dosage. On the other hand, those using it for recreational purposes should regulate their levels of consumption to avoid developing an addiction.

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