5 top reasons for using LinkedIn as part of your job search

If you have been to college or have in the corporate world, LinkedIn is something you have heard of multiple times. LinkedIn is a social network platform that hosts millions of professional profiles, job opportunities and connections. If you are looking for a job, here are five reasons as to why you should make LinkedIn part of your job search.

You can benefit from its job board.

With LinkedIn, you can have access to numerous jobs. Recruiters utilize this platform to advertise their job opportunities and identify potential employees. In the platform’s job board, you get the chance to search through thousands of jobs for the ideal one for you and also in the location you want. All you have to do is enter keywords of the job you wish to get and the locality of choice, and you will see more posts that you anticipated. You can also set job alerts to keep you up to date on new openings.

It helps you build your brand

It is crucial to build your professional brand just as organizations develop their trade name to stand out. Primarily, you can build your reputation by having a website. However, you need a lot of money, and you have to commit many hours to achieve it. LinkedIn makes this simple for you as once you upload your profile picture and sum up your strengths and display your personality; you have already put your best foot forward as it is in good resume writing. Consequently, when recruiters, employers and managers go through your profile, they will have an understanding of you, the skills you possess and are likely to give you a job.

Helps you to network

Networking and more networking is one of the best ways as a job seeker to get employment, and LinkedIn helps you achieve this from the comfort of your home. The platform is a powerful networking tool as it brings millions of professionals under one platform. So, if you are inexperienced or have difficulties engaging people in person, this is the best way to foster professional connections without being miserable. Through this platform, you can engage with individuals and managers in your field and even make connections with your most significant role models. Such meaningful connections will come in handy as your connections can refer you for jobs or inform you of job openings.

It helps you get leads and apply for jobs cheaply

Looking for jobs can be an expensive affair as it requires you to spend hours on end on the internet, as well as moving from office to office dropping resumes. Such activities are costly for an unemployed individual. LinkedIn, however, is of big help as with about 322 million users from over 100 different professions and about two hundred countries, it becomes easy to search and get job opportunities and connect with potential recruiters without spending too much.

It gives you access to information about your profession

Apart from being a networking site, LinkedIn gives you access to different types of news about various industries among them the one of interest to you. Such information is beneficial when looking for a job as it helps you remain informed on what is going on in your field and thus helps you include the changes in your job hunt.

If you doubted how vital LinkedIn is to your job seeking process, these five reasons should convince you.

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